Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taro's Ramen & Cafe

Restaurant - Taro's Ramen & Cafe
Address - Ground Level, Boeing House, 363 Adelaide St. Brisbane, Qld

Taro's was rated as one of the best ramen place in Brisbane by Couriermail along with Hakataya and Men-Jikan. Located in Brisbane central, it is definitely the easiest to get to.

Finding the place was a little bit hard. I was looking for a traditional ramen shop and was not expecting a fully cafe styled place. But given the restaurant's name, on hindsight, it made a lot more sense.

The menu offers a range of food - including fish and chips and shabu shabu at dinner time. At between A$10-A$15, it's not cheap but fair.

Taro's ramen uses no preservative or MSG and the noodle is made by the owner. The noodles are cooked to al dente to give that little bit of chewiness. Granted, it cannot be compared to 開化樓 noodles from Japan, it is quite special.

I tried the tonkatsu ramen today and the soup is rich with a very balanced flavour. Not overly heavy and dense as some could be, but heavy enough to satisfy me on this rainy cold winter day.

I am looking forward to try the gyoza and the spicy ramen next time.

Recommended: Tonkatsu Ramen

Direction: Exit Central Station, cross the Anzac Square and you'd hit Adelaide St. Turn left and keep on going down. When you hit Wharf St., cross the road and the shop is on the right hand side.

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  2. I didn't enjoy this place! I thought the soup was oily and a little bitter!! I'm craving for good ramen in brisbane!! Enjoy reading ur blog ��