Thursday, May 31, 2012

Il Centro

Il Centro
Address: Eagle Street Pier, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Qld

Located on the Eagle Street Pier, Il Centro overlooks the Brisbane waters as you enjoy the fragrant food the chefs prepare. The restaurant has a very clean and crisp ambiance, perfect for business lunches. In stead, on the weekdays, almost all patrons are dressed in business gear.

The waiters at the restaurant is very friendly, giving you a very good idea of what is on the menu.

Il Centro is known for its modern twist on Italian food. The restaurant also boost that the ingredients used are sourced from Queensland.

The restaurant's most famous dish is the sand crab lasagna.This dish was created by Gillian Hirst and has been a staple of the menu for years. I was fortunate enough to taste the lasagna today and must agree that it deserves all the rave that it has received.

The sand crab lasagna has a rich and creamy sauce, seasoned to perfection. The crab is fresh and soft and when blended with the sauce, it is just like heaven on earth and for not the fact that I am in a fancy restaurant, I would be highly tempted to lick the plate clean. It is simply devine on this cold, rainy, winter day.

However, it is necessary to note that the lasagna is very rich and filling. I had entree size and it kept me full all the way til dinner. It is also perhaps more suited to a colder winter day when your body achieves a greater appreciation of the calorie intensive dish.

The restaurant is on the expensive side. The entree size sand crab lasagna will set you back A$26.

Recommended: Sand crab lasagna

Direction: Exit Central Station, cross the Anzac Square. Go down the tunnel and through the post office square. Cross Queen St and go through the post office building. Cross the road, and go through the garden path of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Turn left once you hit the street and you would be able too see the Eagle Street Pier. Il Centro is hidden on the inside.

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