Monday, June 4, 2012

Sage on Ann

Sage on Ann
140 Ann Street, Brisbane

The restaurant is known for its coffee. Or so the coffee shop claims with the big banner which reads "Best Coffee in the City.

I am not sure if their claim is true - as I have never drank their coffee before, their sandwiches are definitely a cut abvoe the rest.

The cafe has a very nice ambience inside. Very quiet so you could actually talk to your lunch buddy without being drowned over by music or other patrons. The verandah is also very nice, however, I did find it a little bit dusty because of all the construction works that's going on in the area at the moment.

Sage offers a good range on its menu. The specialty is of course, its sandwiches. However, they also do salad and pies, which I heard are also good (sorry, I just go there for the sandwiches. Mental note to self to try the other things next time). At A$8.90 for its most expensive sandwich, it is quite fair.

Whilst its peking duck & chilli plum sauce is especially good, however, the one on my plate today was the roast pork belly with shredded apple on turkish.

And I have to say, it was so juicy (I literally had juice running down my hands)and the rind was so crispy, I devoured the entire thing in less than 10 minutes. The sandwich was very rich however and although the shredded apple took some of that away, I will guarantee that you will feel the effect well into the afternoon.

Recommendation: Peking duck & chilli plum sauce sandwich, roast pork belly with shredded apple on turkish

Directions: Exit Central Station. Do not cross any streets as you are already on Ann Street. Turn right and go straight down until you hit 140 Ann St. The cafe is on the same side as the station.

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