Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sono (Tattersall)

Sono - Tattersall
Address: 202 Edward Street Brisbane, QLD 4000

Sono happens to be right beside my work and given that it is my birthday day and I was hoping to treat myself to something nice, I decided to give Sono a try.

Now I understand that there is another Sono on Eagle Street, but this one is nice and close to the malls and was just too easy to get to.

The best thing about Sono I think would have to be its ambiance. Whilst the food is very authentic and nice (definitely better than some of the other places I have tried), what did win me over was the fact that once inside Sono, you really do feel as if you are in another world.

From the wooden surrounding, the friendly waitresses in kimonos, the tatami room and the little Japanese garden on the balcony. For the next hour, I did forget about the daily grind and salivated over the freshness of the sashimi (here I do point out that with the bento boxes, you only get three small pieces of the sashimi which is a shame because they are very nice).

Now, Sono is kind of pricey. Which is why most people there you see are business men/women. But I do believe that the best kind of restaurant are those that not only serve great food, but also take you away from/to places. And with Sono, they definitely do take you away.

Definitely would be going back to Sono once I get my paycheck.

Recommended: I went for the lunch bento special

Directions: Exit Central Station, across Anzac square and post office square and you will be on Queen Street. Turn right, and cross one street (that'd be Edward St). Go past Bank West, Sono is upstairs of Bank West.

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