Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Freestyle Tout - Emporium

Freestyle Tout - Emporium
Address: 50/1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

It is an aboslute shame that Freestyle in West End closed down. For someone who is heavily reliant on public transport, Freestyle in the Valley was somewhat more difficult to get to. However, the track and the wait is well worth the desserts that Freestyle offers (think of it as burning the calories that you'd consume in Freestyle?).

I know many people complain about the services but when I was there last Saturday, the service has been nothing but lovely. Yes, there was a bit of a queue outside the door, but the wait was no long and time pass quickly if you go with some friends.

Once inside, it is warm and well, busy. Everyone has desserts on the table and everything looked delicious.

I went for the white chocolate raspberry brioche dumplings with dark chocolate sauce (being the dark chocolate fan that I am). My friends were more adventurous and went for the fruit crumble.

All desserts were lovely, however, the brioche dumplings in my opinion were the best (yes, I admit a chocolate bias here). The warm dumplings with melting white chocolate on inside, covered with dark chocolate on the outside and balanced with the raspberries and vanilla ice cream was simply superb.

Definitely will be finidng my way back to Freestyle soon!

Recommended: White Chocolate Raspberry Brioche Dumplings

Direction: rom Central Station, head to Adelaide St. Find stop 23. It is near David Jones. Catch the 306 and get off at Wickham St in the Valley (Stop 7). Turn right on Murn Way and right again on Ann Street.

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