Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Singapore

Little Singapore
Address: 42 Charlotte Street Brisbane Qld 4000

Being a major fan of Singaporean food, Little Singapore has been on my to-do list for some time. They have a few chain stores around Brisbane including one in Sunnybank and two in the city.

I have visited both Little Singapore in the city and I have to admit, I have a preference for the one on the Charlotte Street for that more authentic atomsphere - from the run down building on the outside to the pictures of Singapore hanging in the inside.

In my opinion, the epitome of a good Singaporean restaurant is fully dependent on their Hainese Chicken Rice. If they could get that dish right, the other dishes will not pale in comparison.

In my delight, the chicken came out fast enough and it was juicy and tender. I especially liked the preserved vegetable that was served on the side to balance out the dish.

However, what I did have a problem with, was the butter rice.

I am used to the normal chicken, shallot, ginger flavored rice which balances out the chicken. The butter rice made the dish heavy and in my opinion, less palatable.

Saying that, I am keen to try out Little Singapore's other noodle dishes and Nasi Lemak.

Recommended:Nasi Lemak

Directions:Charlotte is the fifth street parallel to the Central Station exit. So, once you exit station, just go straight down. Once you hit Charlotte, turn right and keep walking. The restaurant is located is not far from AJ's Vietnamese.

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