Thursday, June 7, 2012

MOS Burger

MOS Burger
Address: 250 Albert St, Brisbane 4000 (I think it's more like 205 Albert St, Brisbane)

I am fully aware that I am reviewing MOS Burger - a chain store. However, given that they are the second largest franchise in Japan (right after the golden arches of McDonalds) and is only available in Qld in Australia, t is probably worth a visit if you happen to be in Brisbane (even if it is to look).

The little restaurant is located near Queen St Mall and is unmistakable with its green backdrop and red logo. The store has two levels for seatng and it even has an area upstairs for those who prefer the traditional Japanese way (tatami).

The menu plays to a distinctive Japanese twist - wasabi wagyu burger, teryaki burgr & rice burgers. You get the drill.

I had the wasabi wagyu burger, and can certainly say that although it is not the best burger I have had, the novelty was there.

If you are a Nippon-holic (what do you call someone who loves Japanese thing?), MOS Burger is definitely worth a visit.

Recommended: Tickle your fancy. Don't expect gourmet, just do it for the fun of it!

Direction: Exit Central Station. Go straight down until you hit Adelaide St (where you will see Coffee Club). Turn right, go down and first traffic light (Albert St), turn left. MOS Burger is on that strip, right next to the CBA branch.

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