Friday, June 22, 2012


Kadoya - Brisbane City
Address: 99 Elizabeth St Shop 29-30 Brisbane 4000

Afer much positive feedbacks I have heard in regards to Kadoya, I decided to go and check out the little eatary myself and see if it is true.

given that I am relatively new to Brisbane, finding the place was not the easiest feat. Kadoya is inside a little arcade that links Elizabeth and Charlotte St (towards the Charlotte St end).

The front of the shop is quite small but given that the main eating area is the next room, there's sufficient tables and stools for a quick lunch.

Kadoya is famed for their curry and the fact that you can select your level of 'hotness'. There are six levels available and will surely suit all tastes. But please do note that the top level of hotness do have an extra charge of $5. However, they also do good bento boxes and I do recommend the eel and the teriyaki selections.

What is very disappointing at Kadoya is their Tokyo Ramen. Most people comment on their 'clear broth', which in reality pretty much translate to a soy sauce based soup base. For $9, there's not much there other than two small pieces of fried chicken, half an egg and a slice of seaweed. Overall, it was bland and I didn't felt it was worth the money paid.

What is recommended to do here is to pay $1 extra and go for the combos, at least there's a bit more side dish to satisfy the hunger.

Recommended: The Curry or the bento boxes

Directions:From Central Station, go across Anzac Square, Post Office Square and you come out on Queen St. Recommended to go down two more streets, which would take you to Charlotte St. Turn right and keep on going down. Once you go past Albert St., keep an eye out for an arcade. Kadoya should be highly visible from the Charlotte St. end.

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