Monday, September 1, 2014

Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion
Address: Shop 50 Sunnypark Shopping Centre Sunnybank, QLD 4109

After hearing much rave about the new ramen joint in Sunnybank, my friend and I made a trip to Sunnybank one rainy Friday night, hoping the broth of the ramen would provide some warmth and comfort for the both of us.

The Ramen Champion shop front is hidden in Sunnypark Shopping Centre (it's located near Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant). The shop is on that back corner and quite small. In total, I don't think the restaurant could fit more than 25 patrons at a time.

The decor is also very simple. With exception to the signage at the back of the small, providing a flash of colour, the idea of more like a street food stall that has some tables and seats.

Everything is also pretty much self-services. You find your own tables and chairs, you order at the counter and grab your own spices, water and utensils - like most Asian establishments really.

The menu is also quite simple. There are only 6 or 7 choices of ramen and 3 or 4 side dishes you could choose from.

Anyway, for our visit, I went for the simple Champion Ramen and my friend went for the Champion Ramen Men (yes, I think he specifically choose it because of the word 'Men' in the name of the dish).

The services was relatively fast given that the joint was fully seated by the time we arrived, we received our noodles around 15 minutes after ordering.

In my opinion, the ramen was not bad. The soup was flavoursome, the noodles had a decent amount of chewiness and the char-sui pork was so soft that it almost melts in your mouth and much more flavourful than Hakataya's. However, the egg was extremely bland and was not cooked to the same perfection as you would normally get (ie. yolk has set but gives the sign of slightly running and there's a slightly soy/salty flavour in the egg which compliments the ramen).

The Champion Ramen Men was basically the same stock, however, the noodles are thicker and are served separately. Instead of slurping away at the soup and noodle, you'd dip the noodle in the thicker stock.

I am not sure my experience at Ramen Champion is positive or negative. It simply left me with a sense of 'meh' after my meal.

Recommended: Champion Ramen

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