Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Address: 194-202 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

I thought I will add my review on one of my favourite Japanese ramen place in Sydney.

I will proudly say, Sydney does fine ramens (okay, maybe not compared to Japan)! And Sakuratie is definitely one of those hidden gems in the city. I pretty much visit Sakuratei every time I visit Sydney (which is every 2 months or so).

The restaurant is located on Clarence St, hidden in a little arcade. Don't get fooled by its small exterior, once you go in, the restaurant s much larger and expands into the courtyard at the back.

By lunch hour, Sakuratei is generally filled with people and getting a seat could be a problem.

Sakuratei does a lot of good dishes. I am also a fan of its kitsune udon and salmon lunch box. I also often go there for its takeaway sushi. Given the opprotunity, it is recommended to try them all.

However, in my opinion, the dish that Sakuratei does best, is its katsu. The inside of chicken katsu is moist and juicy whilst the outside is crisp and crunch (even after it has been soaked in the spicy soup).

And yes, I am salivating just by the thoughts of it.

For those who doesn't like spicy food, Sakuratei offers the same ramen in miso or soy based soup. But honestly, I think the spicy soup brings out the best flavour.

Now... only if Sakuratei would open a store in Brisbane...

Recommended: Chicken katsu ramen - spicy


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