Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Fishery

The Fishery
Address: 6A/16 Baroona Rd, Milton, QLD 4064

When I first arrived in Brisbane almost 5 months ago, one of the first things I was informed of, was that The Fishery does the best fish and chips in the city.

Since then, I have walked/drove past The Fishery many times. But I always manage to get past without tryingthe fish and chips there. Anyway, given that it was a lovely day on Saturday, I took a nice stroll and deliberately set myself to have lunch at the Fishery.

Honestly, the exterior of the shop can be somewhat deceiving. To me, it always felt weird to have a classical fish and chips shop at a busy intersection and in close proximity to the brewery.

However, it is still quite nice to enjoy the meal with the beach umbrellas and tables and chairs out on the concrete right outside of the shopfront.

I got to the Fishery a little bit after the peak hours, so I really didn't have to wait for long before my food arrived. I was recommended the fishermen basket although the shop assistant did comment that the most popular at The Fishery was probably their cod and chips.

And I do have to say, the piping hot and crisp fish and chips. OMG! Comfort food! It was GOOD! And I didn't run into any of the problems of being served soggy batters and chips whatnot. My only problem now, I think I have undone the week worth of training and exercise in one simple meal...

Recommended: The cod and chips

Directions: Catch a train to Milton Station. Exit through the exit at the side away from the city (that exit is a tunnel that will take you across the busy Milton Rd and to almost right in front of the factory. Once out of the tunnel, walk towards the the shops. The Fishery is one of the first store you will see on the strip of shops.

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