Monday, September 3, 2012


Address: Shop 24, 95 Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Went past Himawari a couple times as I went in search of Kadoya and Madtongsan. Anyway, since there always seem to be quite a number of people (although not as much as Madtongsan), I thought it was probably good time to give Himawari a go (especially when it has a really cute name meaning-sunflower).

Now the speciality at Himawari seems to be its bento boxes (as recommended by the girl at the counter). Fair enough. Since everyone there seem to have ordered the bento boxes.

I went for the pork katsu bento box. There is no particularly reason for it except I wanted deep fried food but wanted to given chicken a rest (it seems at every Japanese restaurant, I am either going for the karage chicken or the teriyaki chicken).

Anyway, the food arrived fast enough as the girls at the counter were really friendly. But to be honest, the food was simply just average.

The katsu was well fried, but it was rather dry (but that's okay, coupled with the plum sauce, it was nice).

The salad was what got me. I was really expecting a japanese salad (you know, simple vegetable with some cupid mayo?). What I got was a fusion salad - lettuce, mushroom, tomato with Italian dressing.

And at about $12 per bento box... I just have to say, I expected something a little better and more refined.

Recommended: The bento boxes

Directions:From Central Station, go across Anzac Square, Post Office Square and you come out on Queen St. Go down one street and turn right and keep on going down. Once you go past Albert St., keep an eye out for Elizabeth Arcade. Turn left into the Arcade, Himawari is located on the left handside.

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