Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Tea Centre

The Tea Centre
Address: Albert Lane, Brisbane, QLD 4000

I normally go to The Tea Centre when I want to escape from the world. Don't ask me why I like to 'hide' in the middle of a busy city. But sometimes, it is true that the more crowded it is, the quieter it gets when you reach inner peace.

Anyway, maybe it is because of its location (hidden in an laneway away from the busy Queen St strip), in my opinion, The Tea Centre is a good place to get a good pot of tea, a nice slice of cake and really reach inner peace.

The decor of the Tea Centre is quite exotic, with the counter filled with wooden shelves filled with tea that goes almost all the way to the ceiling. There are also displays of intricate teapots that makes you want to take them home.

There is a long list of tea of all sorts of variety on the menu. My preference tends to be for the fruity ones. Hence I went for the ones with all the berries.

Now, everyday The Tea Centre also do two ice-tea specials. If you are not a fun of hot tea like I am, I'd recommend the ice-tea. They are also quite nice.

Other than the teas, you also have a small selection of light lunches - consist of sandwiches and chicken panini etc. I am not that big a fan of their food (not that they are bad or anything, but it's rather average), but I do like the fact that they give you the option of something savoury to nibble whilst you enjoy the tea.

Maybe it is because I have a sweet tooth, I do like their desserts and think that it goes extremely well with the tea.

I thought the winter fruit crumble was extremely nice and so was the lemon cheesecake. However, I do have to agree that I could probably get better elsewhere. However, with the tea and in the relaxing atomshpere, I would happily go back again and again.

Recommended: Red fruit tea and the lemon cheesecake

Directions: Exit Central Station, across Anzac square and post office square and you will be on Queen Street. Turn right, and cross one street (that'd be Edward St). Keep on going down the shopping strip. Right before the first intersection, there's a Vodafone and there's a laneway next to it. Turn left into the laneway and the Tea Centre is at the very end to the right.

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