Thursday, August 16, 2012

Madtongsan I

Madtongsan I
Address: 99 Elizabeth St Brisbane, QLD 4000

I went in search for Madtongsan based on recommendation from my colleague who believes that Madtongsan is probably one of the best Korean restuarant in Brisbane CBD region.

Now to be fair, they actually recommended Madtongsan II over Madtongsan, but that's purely because the decor of Madtongsan II is more posh and more spacious than the original restaurant. But given my (lack of) ability of navigate around the city, I found Madtongsan instead.

Madtongsan is located in the Elizabeth Arcade, directly opposite of Kadoya. The restaurant looks relatively small from the outside, but there is a second level (but the ceiling is relatively low there).

I got to Madtongsan quite early during the lunch hours and was seated immediatedly. Already, there's quite a bit people there and during my 40minutes in the restaurant, people just kept on pouring in (which in my opinion is a good sign that the restaurant is well loved).

The menu had a large selection of dishes ranging from seafood pancakes to bibimbaps and ricecakes...drool, all my favourites and so hard to choose!

Now this is where I made my mistake. When I was back in Sydney, I was given the rule of thumb by my friend who told me that in a situation when you don't know what to choose in a Korean restaurant you've never been to before, go for kimchi fried rice. If the restaurant can get that wrong, don't go back.

So, given the array of choices, I went for the safe bet - kimchi fried rice. However, no more than two minutes after I ordered, I regretted it.

Almost everyone was ordering the bimbimbap and the smell of rice sizzling against the hotplate/hotbowl filled the restaurant quickly, making me salivate.

Now I am not saying that kimchi fried rice was bad or anything (it was delightful in fact and I enjoyed every single bite), but all I am saying is that if you ask me for my recommendation, go for the bimbimbap!

And yes, if you are wondering what I will be ordering next time I go? Definitely the bimbimbap!

Recommended: The bimbimbap

Directions:From Central Station, go across Anzac Square, Post Office Square and you come out on Queen St. Recommended to go down two more streets, which would take you to Charlotte St. Turn right and keep on going down. Once you go past Albert St., keep an eye out for an arcade. Madtongsan is directly opposite of Kadoya.

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