Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Grassland / Little Lamb

Happy Grassland / Little Lamb 小尾羊歡樂牧場
Address: Shop 22, 23 Runcorn Plaza, 254 Warrigal Road, Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

Went there in an outing with a couple of colleagues and I have to say, I am pleasantly impressed with Happy Grassland despite the dismal reviews on Urbanspoon.

This is probably the only restuarant you will find in Brisbane that offers buffet hotpot AND buffet BBQ together. And at around $30 per person, and by the fact that the restaurant fills up very quickly at weekend lunch time (and predominantly by the Chinese who are good at hunting down a bargain), I think it fair to say that it is a good bargain!

The location of the restaurant is a little bit awkward for those not living in the South and doesn't have a car. But otherwise, it is quite easy to get to and you should be able to get a carspace relatively easily.

The restaurant is all you can eat and they offer a range of choices from the usual fried stuff (you know, fish cocktail, dumplings, buns - which are in fact quite yummy), to all your hotpot needs, to skewers after skewers of lamb, chicken fish...

What I was especially happy of, was the Chinese side dishes of tofu strips and marinated tripes. I would highly recommend to try some of these - they are GOOD!.

Of Course, all drinks are included in the price and there are also ice-cream and fruits after to cleanse the palate.

In terms of flavouring, I didn't think it was salty or spicy at all. And you are given the choice of mixing your own sauces to match your liking - Another massive plus for me.

The only downside of the place is that after eating there, I didn't want anything to eat for the rest of the day (dinner and snacks alike).

And in the mean time, I will endevour to eat healthier food and do a bit of detox before going back next month! :D

Recommended: It's all you can eat! Be adventurous!

Directions:Sorry everyone. I got driven there, which means that the moment I stepped into the car, I lost my bearing...

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