Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bar Barossa

Bar Barossa
Address: Cnr Adelaide & Macrossan Sts, Brisbane, QLD 4000

I have often heard/read about Bar Barossa. Honestly, it was not one of those places that I would have tried given its location and the lack of parking in the surrounding and you'd need to take a short walk getting there by public transport. But after the experience last night, I would definitely be making my way back!

Situated on the corner of Macrossan and Adelaide Sts, its brown, red and white exterior and little red bar chairs and the wooden wine tanks as tables gives Bar Barossa character and makes it rather hard to miss.

Once inside, Z and I was greeted by Wayne (venue manager), who showed us to our table and nothing but helpful and friendly the whole night.

Coming to the important part - the food, Z and I decided to share the seared scallops for entree and both have the braised beef cheeks for main.

Not that I am boosting, but I reckon we made fantastic choices. The entree (pan roasted scallops, morcilla, cauliflower purée, squid ink aioli and pickled nashi pear)was arranged with an artistic flair on a white rectangular china plate. The scallops was sweet and tender and went fantastically with the caulflower puree and the squid ink aioli. I didn't know what was morcilla at the time and was glad I didn't google it on the spot. It's basically black pudding and surprisingly, it was delicious and went surprisingly well with with scallops.

Now, I am normally not a fan of describing the vessels my food is served on. But in this case, I believe Bar Barossa deserves the honorable mention. As the braised beef cheek, spiced carrot purée, baby heirloom vegetables and bacon crumbs was served on a matte black ceramic plate that contrasted that was simply a visual feast.

Z commented that he was glad that we both decided on the braised beef cheek, otherwise one of us would have a terrible case of food envy.

And I'd totally agree with him there, the braised beef cheek was rich, flavoursome and soft to pull apart... It would have been difficult for me to part with it.

The only draw back with the dish was that (and I can't believe I am saying this), I wish there was a bit more vegetables or a little bit less beef. Two massive chunks of braised beef later, I found that I needed a bit more vegies to balance it out in the end.

And after that serving, dessert was completely off the plate. I simply could not eat anymore, even though I wished I could continue.

Overall, Bar Barossa has been a wonderful experience that I look forward to repeating.

Recommended: The braised beef cheeks! Drool!

Curious to Try: The duck and the pork belly.

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