Friday, July 26, 2013

Street Cafe - Regatta Hotel

Street Cafe - Regatta Hotel
Address:543 Coronation Dr. Toowong, QLD 4066

Due to 'recent' relocation, the Regatta has became well... one of my local drinking/eating place. Well, technically, until last Monday, it was only drinking as I have never tried any of the food given its poor reviews on Urbanspoon.

But given that Monday was a miserable rainy night, I have just had a horrible conversation with Z and a work call that should have been filtered out, cooking was the last thing on my mind and I headed off to the Regatta looking for some comfort food.

Now I generally only goes to the Regatta on the weekends and I can understand some of the complaints about services being poor. They have in fact more than once got my orders wrong and charged me for the wrong amount. However, on that Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised at the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff. I was served promptly and my food came out after only a short wait.

I opted for the medium steak with potato, salad and mushroom sauce that night and I have to admit, due to lighting, the photo doesn't do the food the justice it deserves.

The steak in fact, was juicy and tasty. The mushroom sauce was rich, flavoursome and ample in serving (there was also a lot of mushroom in it, which really rocks my boat). The serving of the salad and the potato was just in the right proportion to balance the steak, and the achievement of that delicate balance also makes me happy.

Following the steak, feeling like something sweet to nibble on, I decided to go for the portugese tart.

Given that they were only $3 each, I wasn't expecting much. So when it arrived like it did, with chocolate sauce drizzled over the plate and garnished with berries... I was blown away.

To top it off, the pastry for the tart was warm and flaky and the filling was of the right sweetness and was not too eggy - exactly how I like them really!

Now whilst, they still have some way to go to match to the jaw dropping one from Portugal or Macau, I reckon I'd happily keep on eating them!

Overall, I'd like to report that I had a quite pleasant experience at the Regatta. Yes, it is a bit pricy, but the food was tasty and yes, I'd definitely go back (possibly a quieter weeknight though).

Recommended: The pizzas and the portgugese tarts

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