Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lychee Lounge

Lychee Lounge
Address:92 Boundary St, West End, QLD 4101

West End has bee none of those areas that I go often but has always been a bit too shy to whip out my camera to take photos - for fear of being completely uncool (Funnily, I don't seem to have that problem at any other fancy restaurants... possibly that there's someone there that I am trying to impress?).

Either way, a lil while ago, a girlfriend and I ventured into Lychee Lounge after walking past it many times and being intrigued by its Asian inspired decor that also gives the air of warmth and cosiness in the winter.

We were purely there for drinks but after seeing its menu, we are quickly decided that yes, we also want dessert (massive sweet tooth we have and we completely had our priorities straight there).

I had the watermelon martini and the dark chocolate and hazelnut tart, red wine poached Morella cherries, lavender crème fraiche gelato.

I will not comment much on the drink as Lychee Lounge has a very comprehensive list of cocktails (31 pages that it)to ensure that something there will tickle your fancy.

But boy, the dessert was simply delightful! It was decadent, rich and presented with an artistic flair - everything you shouldn't go for if you are on a diet really.

The only downside to the place is that it is rather expensive and the servings are not big enough that you could share (not that I am ever likely to want to share dessert). You are looking at around $30 per person for the main, $20 for dessert and $16 per drink and the cost can very quickly add up.

And given how Asian I am and where value-for-money is rated as closely as flavour and ambience, I reckon as much as I have enjoyed Lychee Lounge, this one is going to have to be kept under the 'indulgence' tab and only visited on a special night out.

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