Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Saigon Grill

Little Saigon Grill
Address: 9/235 Edward St, Rowes Arcade, Brisbane Qld 4000

I am a massive fan of vermicelli salad - MASSIVE. In turn, one of the first things on my agenda when I moved to Brisbane was trying to find a good Vietnamese restaurant close to work.

Whilst AJ's is simply fantastic, it is quite a fair distance from work and given the queue you normally experience, that does limit the frequency of my visits.

The discovery of Little Saigon Grill in Rowes Arcade has made me very happy. So happy in fact, I turned up there to have almost every single day for about a week (hence, also my lack of updates as I really have not gone anywhere else).

What is necessary to note, is that Little Saigon Grill is a takeaway shop and completely lacks ambience. But for the prices that it charges and the food it serves, I say, forget about ambience and give me foodcourt!

Now, I think I might be (or definitely is) biased when I say that my favourite food from Little Saigon Grill is the vermicelli salad. The roast pork belly is very yummy but my favourite has to be their lemongrass chicken.

The only thing that isn't done so well in their vermicelli salad is that at times, the vermicelli tends to stick together. Which indicates that they probably rushed it during the cooling process. But really, for a foodcourt takeaway, I can't fault them for that.

Their banh mi is also very nice. But given that I am used to paying less than $5 ($4.50 in fact for the more expensive one) in Sydney, paying $6.90 at Little Saigon Grill does make me feel as if I am splurging. But given that they are the only shop that sells banh mi is the city... I am happy to accept that.

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Recommended: Lemongrass chicken vermicelli salad

Direction: Out of Central Station, you want to be on the corner of Edward and Ann St. Go down Edward St towards the shopping strip. Cross Adelaide St. Entrance to Rowes Arcade is on the left handside of the road. Once you go in, you will find Little Saigon Grilled.

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