Monday, July 16, 2012

McGuire's Colmslie Hotel

McGuire's Colmslie Hotel
Address: Cnr Wynnum & Junction Rd Morningside, QLD 4170

To be very honest, Colmslie is a place that I would not normally go. However, my friend visited from Sydney and her workplace organized her shortstay accomodation at Morningside.

Out of pure laziness and a lack of sense to explore, we decided to settle at Colmslie and try the Qld 'specialty' - seafood.

I will not delve much into the ambiance of Colmslie - for it is akin to all other RSL restaurants you will find, very bright lights, canteen-esque counters and etc.

Now what is interesting to note, is that although the food at Colmslie although is not cheap, does come in well endowered proportions. The seafood basket alone set me back close to $40 (this is on par to what I would've paid for the medium to high end restaurants found in Darling Harbour, Sydney).

Between two girls, we ordered two entrees (garlic bread & salt and pepper squid) and two mains (both had seafood basket).

In all honesty, by the time we finished the entrees, we were so full, we could've forego the mains (the fact that they used a lot of oil in their cooking seriously didn't help either).

However, probably because of all the oil that was in the dish, the seafood basket is definitely good (please don't remind me about cholestrol though)...

Recommended: Not bad if you are on company budget and can't be bothered to travel...But if you are there, go for the seafood basket. Alternatively, I heard the buffet breakfast is good, but I haven't tried it and probably are not going to.

Directions: A car is needed as it is a fair distance from the station. Wouldn't be able to give direction this time round... I got driven you see...

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