Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teppanyaki Lovers

Teppanyaki Lovers
Address: Level A, Myer Centre, 91 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Seven months after my last Japan trip, the craving for okonomiyaki has built to the point where I was looking up for recipes online trying to make my own okonomiyaki (and that is always a bad sign because my cooking skills are far from being impressive).

Worse still, okonomiyaki is one of those foods that whilst it is abundant in its country of origin (Japan), it is relatively difficult to find across the continent (especially in Australia it seems). The only other place that I am aware that makes okonomiyaki is a restaurant called Kabuki and its okonomiyaki cost around $18...

In the interim, I decided to take myself to Teppanyaki Lovers underneath Myers. Yes, the wait at the Teppanyaki Lovers can be long (especially if you order okonomiyaki - give them 10mins at least) and the ambience is completely lacking (you are right next to the bus stop). And if you want to compare the okonomiyaki from Teppanyaki Lovers to the ones from Osaka or Kobe... The batter tends to be a bit thick and there are not enough cabbages and a little too much mayonnaise.

But what I would love to highlight is that all the basics you want in okonomiyaki is there and at least it give you the familiar taste of okonomiyaki at a relatively low price. And for that, I am simply happy and grateful.

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Directions: Make your way to Myer centre. The eatery is beneath the Myer food court, so down the elevator near Michel's, you find yourself next to McDonalds. Turn left and there's a corridor, walk down. Teppanyaki Lovers is on the right handside.

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