Sunday, July 22, 2012

XXXX Brewery & Alehouse

XXXX Brewery & Alehouse
Address: Corner of Black & Patent Streets Milton QLD 4064

Quite honestly, the XXXX Brewery tour and its alehouse is somewhere no local Brisbanian would ever go. Or so I have been told by many Brisbanians.

Nevertheless, being only recently migrated to Brisbane, anything with the word "tour" seems to interest me.

As a result, I booked myself a $25 tour on the Saturday afternoon to find out and understand the production of beer. More specifically, XXXX beer.

The XXXX Brewery is located in Milton, which is only two stations away from city. The factory is also right next to the railway line, which means that it is pretty much means you can't miss it. The entrance however is tucked away at the back streets, so there is a little bit of walking. Close to the entrance, there will be signs that will guide you to the meeting point of the tour.

It is recommended to get there a little bit early (10-15mins). Bags need to be stored. The tour also asks for covered shoes and no photos or videos on the tour for safety and security reasons.

The tour generally last about an hour and the guide will take you through the process of beer making from the beginning all the way to packaging. The tour guide will also give you a history of the brewery and the origin behind the name XXXX. But all that, I won't ruin it for you here.

At the end of the tour, you are provided with four free beers (or soft drinks). And one of them is the wooden barreled XXXX beer which they now only sell at three places - Albion, Cairns and at the factory in Milton on Friday and Saturday.

Now I am not a beer expert to be able to tell you how it would be different to the stainless steel barreled ones. But if you are a beer fanatic, recommended for you to try.

The alehouse also serves up snack and food for the hungry. Unlike a proper restaurant, it does not offer dinner menus. You do however have a choice between the snacks and the 'light' lunch option (the portion is actually massive. I was given a 'side' salad that I could have possibly consumed as the meal).

All food they serve, they have made it with a beer twist in it. Whether it is the XXXX beer battered fish and chips or in the steak.

The actual taste of the food... I am sure that I have had better elsewhere. However, the beer is great and the atmosphere is light and fun. It serves as a great catchup place with a few mates to have a cold beer and a few bites on a Sat or Sun afternoon.

Recommended: The beer! Food wise, unless you are hungry, go for something light.

Directions: Catch a train to Milton Station. Exit through the exit at the side away from the city (that exit is a tunnel that will take you across the busy Milton Rd and to almost right in front of the factory. Once out of the tunnel, walk towards the city direction, first street (after the beer factory), turn left, the entrance is not far ahead to your left.

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