Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cafe Wrapture

Cafe Wrapture
Address: 71 Russell St, West End QLD 4101

This place has been one of my favourite eat out places for a while now and honestly I don't know why I haven't reviewed it sooner.

The credit of "finding" Wrapture really goes to Z. It was one of the places on his 'urbanspoon wishlist' and one fine Saturday morning, we ventured out a lil further than our normal brunch areas and since then, I have never looked back. It has became one of my favourites in West End for brunch and lunch.

Now the outside of Wrapture looks a little hippie(especially since it is open next to one a tarot, crystal & etc shop and the decor took on a lot of that influence with crystals hanging down next to the doors and those gypsy-esque cushions for the outside lounge).

The inside of the store is a little narrow, especially on a busy day where there seems to a perpetual line of people getting food and coffee.

My recommendation is that if you can, just get a seat on the outside. You can better enjoy and the sun and people-watch anyway.

Drinks wise, I have always been tickled by Wrapture's creative coffees, the Ali Baba, Sofia Loren and Ghengis Khan... It is recommended that you give it a try yourself. I will just say that I have always enjoyed the coffee Wrapture. If they weren't always so busy and the queue for coffee is always quite long, it'd definitely be one of my favorites.

For the food, other than the wraps, Wrapture also do plates and rice bowls.

I for one have never been curious enough to find out what they are like (I really really like the wraps). So if anyone has ever tried them, I'd very much welcome comments and reviews.

Now getting back to the wraps.

They are hands down, the best wraps in Brisbane!

I am not sure where they source their wraps, but it is chewy and soft and I could just really eat the wraps all day with some hommus!

However, Wrapture really do take it a level further. I mean, why stop when the wrap is amazing? They fill it with the most awesome flavours inside and just the right amount of dressing to keep everything the right balance in terms of taste and moisture.

On a little side note, I will add here that my two favourite wraps are Apollo and Tandango. Apollo comes with halloumi and it just really adds to the texture and the flavour of the wraps.

Now whilst you are there, I will also point out that there's a little fridge next to the counter where they keep their cake slices - it's generally chocolate brownie, white chocolate & pistachio and toffee & pecan.

They are simply delightful (AND gluten free)!

If you still have any room after the filling wrap and coffee, do yourself a favour and get a slice of their cake.

However, nothing in this world is without its vice.

Wrapture is so popular that the wait for coffee and wraps on the weekend can be anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

My recommendation, go early or go there during lunch during weekdays and avoid the crowds.

Recommended:The coffees and any of the wraps really...

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