Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pawpaw Cafe

Pawpaw Cafe
Address: Cnr Potts St And 898 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102

Pawpaw came into my vision as one of those highly recommended brunch places. Strangely, I have never been too curious to visit Pawpaw until a friend of mine dragged me to it (this could have something to do with me hating driving to the Gabba).

Anyway, after (not)much debate, we set out to Pawpaw.

The decor at Pawpaw extremely quaint, with the blue tin walls and neon looking sign on the outside and long wooden benches and bambo print wallpaper on the inside... At that point, I really did wish I had taken some photos as I walked in.

For our brunch, as I went with friend who doesn't drink coffee, we all ended up ordering tea instead. Thinking back, I really wish I had bucked the trend and tried out their coffee. Cos apparently the coffee there was quite fantastic. But saying that, at least this gives something to go back and try later.

Food wise, I ordered the Pawpaw house burger whilst my friend had the quinoa and potato hash cakes with beetroot relish.

The burger was delightful. Full of flavour and it was so large that I really had trouble finishing the whole thing. My only concern was that it was a tad greasy. However, given that I am having a burger, there's no way that grease was not going to come with the package.

One of my friend had more of a mixed feeling to the hash cakes though.

whilst it was flavourful (I had a snippet of a taste), it really didn't go well for her as she really doesn't like halloumi (the dish is full of it) and quinoa (it had quite a bit of quinoa too)...

But despite it all, she agreed that for the portion of the dish, the flavour of the food and the price we paid, it was definitely worth the visit.

Curious to Try: Quinoa & potato hash cakes with beetroot relish and coffee

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