Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Granada Cafe Tapas Bar

Granada Cafe Tapas Bar
Address: 154 Melbourne St, South Brisbane, QLD 04101

This one is from a little while back and I apologies for not having the opportunity to put it up earlier.

Granada came highly recommended from a few friends around Brisbane, with some claiming that it is even better than some taps they've had in Spain (and certainly around Brisbane).

On that note, a couple friends and I decided to host a birthday dinner at Granada.

Given that we had about 10 people, we decided to share a jug of sangria and as for food, we shared some (well... reached into each other's plates) and had individual dishes.

The sangria was traditional and well... to be honest, I prefered the sangria from Ole, whose sangrias was just a tad more refreshing. However, for the tapas, I enjoyed many of what Granada offered.

For the night, we had the chorizo with white bean puree, the spinach and goats cheese croquette, the pastry turnover with braised beef cheek, soft corn tortilla with whiting fillets, refried beans, tomatillo salsa and garlic prawns. Some of my friends also had the grilled lamb cutlets, which they believe deserves honorable mention.

Of the tapas, the chorizo was by far my favourite (other than the fact that I love chorizo anyway). But with the slightly charred flavour mixed with the creamy white bean puree, to me, it was just heavenly.

The braised beef cheek pastry after that unfortunately did not quite match up after the chorizo. And by far, it was one of the dishes that just failed to make an impression that night.

The goat cheese croquette was crunch on the outside and creamy on the inside. However, depending on how you like your food seasoned, some people have found it needing a little bit more flavour.

Just as we were starting to get a little disappointed with the tapas, the whiting fillet tortillas managed to wow us.

There's no sufficient way to describe this. However, the flavour from this dish was just spot on! My favourite fish taco ever would have to be in New Zealand, however, this is closely second best!

The mains I will quickly brush past. The garlic prawn was juicy and flavourful, just as I expected to be. It was definitely on the great range but I hate to say this, I have had better down in Sydney.

The grilled lamb cutlet however did manage to surprise many (possibly because when we thought of spanish tapas, we never really thought about grilled lamb cutlets?).

But the flavour for the lamb was again spot on and the meat was tender and juicy. The person who ordered it was gloating for the night and the rest of us all felt a bit of food envy.

All in all, my experience at Granada was nothing but pleasant. They definitely have some great tasting tapas and is worthwhile to visit again and try out the rest!

Recommended: It was all really nice! I especially like the chorizo and the fish taco.

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