Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Indian Kitchen

The Indian Kitchen
Address: 91 Vulture St, West End QLD 4101
There's no better words to describe Indian Kitchen as cheap and cheerful. Whilst they serve decent food, this is definitely not the place you'd go for a first date (even if you are in uni).

Indian Kitchen is located close to the corner of Boundary st and Vulture St, and with its flaming red exterior, you cannot miss it.

The atomsphere in the restaurant is quintessentially Indian. Full of pictures of Indian tradtions, golden elephant deity and of course, continuous bollywood music and dancing on tv.

I've always found the waiters to be quite friendly and cheerful. Always asking you if you'd like naan bread with that just like the Maccas' "would you like fries with that"...

Foodwise, I do prefer their vegetable dishes over their meats.

Whist the eggplant and the daahl are full of flavour, the meats tend to be on the sweet side - especially the butter chicken.

They also serve you flavoured (yellow) basmati rice with your curries, which I do like better than the normal white basmati that you would get at some Indian takeaways.

The highlight at the Indian Kitchen however would have to be the naan bread.

Yes, you do have to wait for it for a couple minutes, but the chefs make them fresh. And piping hot naan with the just right amount of crunch and softness is to me, heavenly.

In terms of price, the Indian Kitchen is also quite decent. You can get 2 veges and a meat for takeaway for $8. There are many variations you could choose, ranging from $6.90 to about $12. And to me, a filling decent meal for around $8 is just a great bargain.

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