Monday, February 24, 2014

French Twist Indooroopilly

French Twist - Indooroopilly
Address: 322 Mogill Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068

I was quite disappointed when French Twist left South Brisbane. However, with the news of a French Twist opening in the Indooroopilly Westfield, I was much delighted.

Situated at the new food quarter in Westfield, unfortunately, all the view you will get is the bypassesrs in Westfield and Woolworth. The lovely baked bread smell are also washed away by the powerful airconditioning units circulating the shopping centre.

Despite that, the interior of the place remains beautifully done up, with the mock arched windows, chandelier styled candle sets and metallic courtyard chairs, it emanates the feeling that you are in country France somewhere, sipping on your latte whilst munching on macarons.

I generally don't sit down and eat at French Twist, prefering the environment of my own couch/balcony and because I tend to buy loaves and cakes to take home and share with Z.

In terms of coffee, they do very decent coffee. I won't say that it's my favourite, because the wait for the coffee is generally quite long regardless of how many people there are in the restaurant.

In terms of the food, I have tried their chicken tartine. And I have to say, although it wasn't bad, it was nothing very impressive.

Whilst I was happy with the amount of topping (chicken) on the sourdough bread, the flavour was a bit lacking. It did feel as if I paid over $10 for something I could have done at home.

On a side note though, its blueberry slice was quite devine. Not too sweet, not too oily and lots of blueberry flavour. Always really enjoyed that.

So I guess it is going back to takeaway from me at French Twist Indooroopilly.

Recommended: The bread and the slices

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