Friday, February 21, 2014

Moose and Gibson

Moose and Gibson
Address: 77 Jurgens St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

The girls and I had started this habit of trying to do monthly brunch/catch up in late 2013. It is really meant for us to take some time away from the daily grind and catch up on each other's life and well... gossip.

Moose and Gibson in the Gabba was our first stop as we have heard good things about it from a myriad of people dining and wining in Brisbane.

We scheduled to meet at 10:30 on a Sat, and whilst we had to wait a lil to get seated, the waitress was nothing pleasant and accomodating as we not only got the number of people turning up wrong, we also arrived in drizzle cross the span of an hour.

Now the one thing everyone recommended to try at Moose & Gibson was their peanut butter salted caramel shake (? - can't remember exactly what it is called), but unfortunatley on the day, by the time we were ready to order, it has been sold out. Which was rather a shame.

The other dish that came highly recommended to us was the chorizo egg bake.

The dish came out quickly enough (probably because by the time we ordered, the brunch crowd has dissipated)and I was well impressed with what I received.

For one, someone has finally done it right and toasted my sourdough bread and provided some butter! (Cold bread is a little peeve of mine - bread is just meant to be warm!)

The eggs themselves was nicely cooked (running yolks and all)was supported by chorizo and spinach in a tomato based sauce. And the portion! It was massive!

I finished the whole thing of course and rubbed my food baby in delight.

Yes Moose & Gibson, I am definitely coming back for that shake I missed out on!

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