Friday, February 28, 2014

Comfort At My Table

Comfort At My Table
Address: Shop 5,19-23 Cribb St, Milton QLD 4064

I love Comfort At My Table. It has to be one of my favourite brunch places of all times. Unfortunately, trying to go there for brunch without booking is generally suicidal (you'd probably starve to death before you'd get a seat). Unless of course, you get there early enough, then it'd be more of a breakfast than brunch.

Despite the need to coordinate and plan your trip to Comfort At My Table, I can assure you that the restaurant is definitely worth the visit.

Situated on Cribb St, it is parallel to the restaurants on Park Rd, Milton and most likely people would have driven past the place many times without noticing it. A quick pointer, it is next a newsagent, on the same block as Flight Center and across the road from the Royal Thai Orchard.

On the weekend, the tell-tale sign that you've found the place would be the amount of people who sitting outside, people gazing and sipping on their morning coffee.

Now despite its unassuming exterior, the inside is stunningly beautiful.

The french styled furnitures, the flowers near the counters and the soft lighting bouncing of cream pink wall... It just gave off this warm, friendly, welcoming ambience that draws me back again and again.

Now pretty interior alone is far from sufficient to draw people back to a restaurant. However, when that is coupled with great coffe and delicious food, it is pretty much a winning combination.

The only thing that could improve t make the establishment a dynamite would probably be the services. Don't get me wrong, the girls are friendly and lovely. However, given that there are so many people there, it does take some hand raising and searching for eye contacts for them to get to you and take your order.

But after that, things flows almost seamlessly.

Both the drinks and the food comes out after a short wait and both are amazing.

I have nothing to complain about the coffee. The flavours are great and for you soy drinkers (like me), they are definitely using the right soymilk (I have a feeling it's Bonsoy they use - which is great for lattes).

For the food, most people would recommend the one pot egg bake and if you are into your savoury brunches and if you have not been to Comfort At My Table before, it is definitely a good one to start off.

The portion of the dish is just massive! The pot is filled with mushrooms, potatoes, rocket, kransky sausage, bacon and what I assume to be beetroot jam. Unless you are a massive bread fan, I highly recommend to forgo the bread and concentrate on what's in the pot!

If you are after something sweet, Comfort At My Table does fantastic french brioche as well. Unfortunately, I don't have the picture to show it, but just imagine massive pieces of brioche with ricotta, jam, strawberry and maple syrup... It will satisfy any sweet tooth!

My verdict? Just go, you won't regret it!

Recommended: The one-pot egg bake

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