Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kim Thanh Hot Bread

Kim Thanh Hot Bread
Address: 81 Vulture St, West End QLD 4101

There are four bakeries in West End - Kim Thanh, Rodney's Bakery, Baker's Delight and West End Bakery.

Kim Thanh has to be the one that I visit most frequently. Although it is mostly because it is the only bakery that serves banh mi...

The bakery is situated just off the busy Boundary St, so it is a slight walk from the main area in West End.

The banh mi comes in two varieties - with chilli and without chilli. And it is always made fresh with every order.

The rolls are always crusty and white and it wasn't until yesterday that I realised that they try to toast the roll slightly so that when you take that first bite, it's always softer on the inside and crusty on the outside.

Now, to say that Kim Thanh's banh mi is my favourite in Brisbane because of the flavour would be a lie. There are quite a few vietnamese shops/restaurants in the city that also serves equally declicious banh mi.

However, Kim Thanh is the one that offers the most reasonable price.

At $4.50 per roll (and that is after the $0.50 rise they had in late 2013), it is how banh mi are suppose to be - cheap, delicious and cheerful.

Other than the banh mi, the bakery do also make very delicious fruit bagel. Not too sweet and just the right balance of cinnamon and sultanas. I often the fruit bagel, take it home, toast it and spread some butter... drool...

Now to eat banh mi at Kim Thanh's, I do have to warn you that it does not have tables and seats for you to sit down. So you are most likely going to have to walk and eat.

Recommended: Banh mi and the fruit bagel

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