Friday, March 14, 2014

Alfred & Constance

Alfred & Constance
Address: Corner of Alfred & Constance Streets, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

I have a bit of a love and hate relationship with Alfred & Constance. Whilst I love the food, the drinks and the atmosphere (pretty much everything), to have a spontaneous dinner and dessert there without making any booking is generally a terrible idea, in fact trying to have drink sitting down is pretty much impossible and trying to make a booking for a group less than 8 people is well... not accepted. Alfred & Constance also get very crowded every Friday and Saturday evening as tired and weary souls look for an outlet in scrumptious food, lively music and that social lubricant - also known as alcohol.

Alfred & Constance is located on the quieter side of the valley, in closer proximity to Limes Hotel than the hustle and bustle of the central Valley district.

The establishment is of one big re-modelled house, and is split into several levels and sections. There is the dining room, the cafe on the lower floor and the tiki bar upstairs (which is also the smoking area).

I have been to Alfred & Constance several times now for food and for drinks, but recent more for the drinks.

For drinks, Alfred & Constance offer a wide of range of choices, ranging from the typical beer and wine to some very delicious cocktails, which you have got to try at least one when you visit (and more than one if you are out on a big night).

In terms of the food, I have tried their beef lasagne and the pulled pork burger.

And whilst people's opinion on this may differ, I have to say, Alfred and Constance had the best ever lasagne I have ever tasted in Australia! The flavours were balanced, and there was just the right amount of cheese to sauce.

Whilst their mains are great, what I love more however is the dessert.

Their dessert bar is open til late on the weekend, serving those with sugar cravings (and cake cravings) after consuming copious amount of alcohol.

Per slice of cake is at around $8.50 (at least that's what I remember as I am generally much less sober by the time I get around to cakes) and the very cute waiter diligently plates up the cake (I had the salted caramel one), drizzling it slightly with espresso coffee and some chocolate and in his words "to help soak up the alcohol".

In summary, Alfred and Constance are a few words that I generally associate with a fun night out with a big group of friends. And just by that alone, I'd definitely be back for more.

Recommended: The lasagne

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