Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moray Cafe

Moray Cafe
Address: 158 Moray St, New Farm QLD 4005

I have been to Moray Cafe twice since I hit Brisbane, once for brunch and the other time for dinner. And despite the restaurant's positive reviews, I have in general tend to be a little disappointed in the establishment as there were things that could be improved both times to greatly increase my appreciation of the restaurant.

The Moray Cafe is situated a fair distance away from the hustle and bustle of Brunswick Street (the main street), which generally meant that getting parking around the place is somewhat easier.

The actual size of the restaurant is quite small. However, they do have a rather large outside seating area which is lovely to people watch for brunch but not so great in the dark on a windy night.

Well, unfortunately, a cold winters' evening was the first time I visited Moray Cafe as a couple friends and I decided to take advantage of their 'tight-ass' Tuesday discount.

Whilst the waitresses were lovely enough to show us to our seats, the low temperatures and the gale wind meant that we were freezing to death whilst we awaited our meal - which to us on that day felt like it took forever to come out (was around 40 min in reality). I had ordered the steak that day and whilst everything was nicely cooked and the mushroom sauce was nice, it started getting cold before I was halfway done with the meal and that in itself, really ruined my experience at Moray Cafe.

Now, I do understand it was no particular fault of the staff (who also tried to move the heater towards us in bid to help with the cold and the wind), it was something that a simple thick plastic sheet (those used to shield rain) could have helped...

The second time I went there was for brunch. Whilst we were still seated outside, luckily, it much warmer weather and we really didn't mind the gentle winds.

This time, I had the gluten free toast with eggs, mushrooms and haloumi.

I know I am nit picking a little bit here, whilst everything was good, nothing was memorable other than how terrible the gluten free bread was (and I believe it again has something to do with being served cold dense bread).

I don't know about looking forward to going back to Moray Cafe, but I'd definitely go for indoor seating at night and stay away from the gluten free bread.

Recommended: The steak on Tuesday

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