Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pony Lounge & Dining

Pony Lounge & Dining
Address: Upper Level 18/45 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000

According to Urbanspoon, Pony Brisbane has got spectacularly bad reviews and sometimes I do wonder if it deserves the negativity it receives.

A friend and I went to Pony for dinner on a regular week night. And whilst we agree some aspects of the restaurant could be improved, most of evening was a delight.

Pony is situated at the Eagle Street Pier, overlooking the Brisbane River on one side and the Brisbane CBD on the other side. The restaurant is divided into a few section including small booths, communal tables, bar seating, a private dining room and a bar which opens onto the terrace.

On the evening of our visit, due to the fact that over half of the restaurant was booked out by a corporate function, we only had access to booths, which was well separated from the noises over on the other side of the restaurant.

As neither of us felt like drinking, we only quickly scanned through the drinks menu and it felt that the restaurant had a good range of drinks available on offer.

Now for the meal, whilst my friend opted to have a range of entrees, I decided to skip straight to the main.

Despite our unusual request, the staffs were very accommodating and made sure that our food almost came out at the same time.

Whilst my friend ordered the squid, the lamb and the wagyu, for my main, I had the seafood, which happened to be whiting with vegetables and garnished with foam.

I cannot say much about my friend's meal, except she thought that both the squid and the lamb was delicious (she thought the lamb was especially exceptional.

As for my dish, the fish was seared perfectly, crispy on the skin and food flavours with the meat. Overall, the dish balanced nicely with the exception of the foam. Which I thought other than the nice presentation it added to dish, it did not add or subtracted to the flavour of the food. Reflecting back now, at the price we paid for our meal, it did somehow feel like we were paying a lot more for the presentation and atomsphere.

For dessert, I had the chocolate cake with raspberry and mango. That was definitely the highlight of our meal. Both my friend and I thought the dessert was so fabulous that we'd return to Pony just to have dessert in the future.

However, unfortunately, when we checked the menu again a couple weeks ago, we realised that the menu has been rotated and the current selection of dessert does not sound as appetizing as the old range they offered.

I am definitely waiting for the next menu rotation and fingers crossed, the dishes we like returns.

Recommended: The desserts

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  1. Sounds interesting despite the bad reviews of the restaurant. Food looks good and it's nice served. Is seafood dish your recommendation? I plan to visit Pony Dining these days.

  2. hey Danny, the seafood I had was pretty nice. But I noticed they had a menu rotation recently, so I don't know if it is still on offer...

    1. Hi Blythe, thanks for quick response! I will definitely check it out.
      I also wonder if you tried something from this restaurant: They have a rich menu as well.

  3. Thanks Danny, will give them a go if the opportunity arises. :)