Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zafron on Brunswick

Zafron on Brunswick
Address: 726 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005

Zafron is one of these restaurants that came to my attention under mixed reviews. Whilst some friends found the dishes overly expensive and flavourless, others swears by its authentic Iranian flavours (this actually came from a friend who is from Iran).

And since I have never been to the Middle East and have never tried Iranian food, I have been very curious to find out for myself what Iranian food tasted like.

So with a few friends, we decided to try Zafron out on a nice Friday evening.

Zafron is located in a renovated house on Brunswick Street in the heart of Fortitude Valley, diagonally across the road from Gertie's (which is a great place for a drink or two after dinner by the way).

The owner and the waiter was friendly and did their best to serve our ever changing needs as my friends turned up in dribbles over the course of 1.5 hours (very bad traffic jam and troubles with parking that night apparently). But despite all the troubles we caused, they always had a smile for us and adapted to our needs.

On that night, I ordered the Fesenjan. Which according to its description is Persian casserole of chicken Pieces slow-cooked With crushed walnuts & pomegranate molasses, served with Saffron Rice.

The dishes arrived in good time, however, everyone got their dishes at a different pace (although it's not completely their fault as the group ordered in batches)...

In terms of the flavour of the food, I am not sure whether it is meant to be of lighter tasting, however, I do find the fesenjan a bit on the sweet side despite its stronger fragrance.

I also looked hard for the pomegranate molasses, which by the end I concluded that it must have melted into the dish and hence contributed to the dish's sweeter taste.

However, most of my friends who ordered lambs and other dishes all enjoyed their dishes and thought the flavours were great.

All in all, Zafron offered a very pleasant meal and experience and we were delighted to have tried Iranian food without actually having to leave Brisbane.

Recommended: My friends who ordered the Caspian chicken and the lambs really enjoyed their dishes

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