Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Burrow

The Burrow
Address: 37 Mollison Street, West End QLD 4101

The Burrow has always had a special place in my heart. It was one of the first restaurants my friend Tim took me to when I first came to Brisbane and it is also where Z took me for our first date. And both times, I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the experience The Burrow offered.

Hence, when a group of colleagues decided to go to The Burrow for lunch, I was excited to join.

The Burrow is located across the road from the West End Village (Coles) and of close proximity to the Glider bus stops.

The Burrow offers lunch specials with pizzas starting from $10 and at night, the dining menu use to have a more extensive list of dishes, taking casual dining to something a little bit more fancy (however, the last time I flipped through the dinner menu, many of the fancier dishes seems to have been taken out).

The rumour is, the Burrow initially made its name because of its super tasty rabbit meat pizza, which unfortunately has been rotated out of its menu along with some of its other terrific pizzas such as The Funguy (pizza with mushroom, rocket and cheese).

Nowadays, whilst the pizzas are still awesome, The Burrow is making a name for itself through the wide range of beers and ciders it offers.

Anyway, back to my little lunchtime adventure with my colleagues. We were fortunate enough to have made a booking on that particular Friday lunch time, as The Burrow had a full house and people were being turned away if there was no booking. As it is, the wait for pizzas was at least 30 minutes as the restaurant operated under full capacity. Even the fries, we waited for a good 20 minutes.

When it did arrive, the Gnarly Fries (curly fries) was tasty, as just enough of the chilli seasoning was balanced with the aioli and the perfectly fried potatoes.

However, I am sorry to say that when the main arrived, some of the dishes were disappointing.

One of my colleague ordered Steak Your Claim (steak burger), which the steak turned out more raw than what most people would have liked.

I ordered the Bad Motherfunghi (mushrooms, gorgonzola, mozzarella, pancetta, finished with rocket & parmesan), which turned out to be extremely cheesy and basically almost washed away the flavour of mushrooms and the pancetta.

However, some of others turned out alright, my other colleagues' X-rated Prawns was flavourful and The Big Voodoo Daddy (lots of different kind of meats there) was filled up with delicious toppings.

In conclusion, I've definitely enjoyed The Burrow much more in the past than my recent visits. Whilst I'd go back to The Burrow, I do wish they would rotate back some of their old menus (like the rabbit meat pizza) as it was certainly more enjoyable.

Recommended: The Gnarly Fries

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