Saturday, March 8, 2014

Montville Cafe Bar Grill

Montville Cafe Bar Grill
Address: 126 main street, Montville QLD 4560

Z and I organized a little getaway last weekend to the Hinterlands last weekend and based on raving reviews from my friend Kerstin, we decided to stay at Montville and visit Kondalilla Falls, the Eumundi market and squeeze in a visit to the beach to catch that last ray of summer sunshine.

We arrived in Montville around 8pm on Friday night and after checking in to our little Santa's Attic (very cute by the way, full of Christmas decorations and teddies), we were sufficiently hungry enough to find a place to dine and start our romantic getaway.

' Unfortunately, what we did not realise was that by 8 - 8:30pm, almost every restaurant (or at least their kitchen) are closed.

In the end, we were led to Montville Cafe Bar Grill because that was one of the last restaurants whose kitchen remained open.

The bar and grill is located on the main strip in Montville, on the top of the hill. The exterior takes after a traditional German house and has a lovely garden that lights up at night for outdoor seating.

As we walked in, we were welcomed by cheerful and helpful staffs and surrounded by music and laughter (which we later found out that there was a wedding pre-dinner going on upstairs at the bar and grill.

Given that I was past the point of being hungry, I decided to go for an entree (the pork belly glazed with spiced marmalade atop caramelized sweet potato and bok choy, finished with a sweet soy syrup), whilst Z went for the Guinness pie.

We both had a glass of Shiraz each whilst we waited for our food.

To be quite fair, I was somewhat disappointed with the selection of the wine. Given that it's a bar, I had expected more variety of a selection of wine (and indeed a better selection). However, our disappointment with the wine was quickly washed away when our food arrived.

The entree was of a decent size that I actually felt sated. The flavour of the pork belly mixed with sweet soy syrup, bok choy and sweet potato was superb. Although I wished the exterior of the pork belly was crispier, it is one of the better pork belly I've had in a little while.

According to Z, the Guinness pie was also delicious (sorry the picture came out a bit weird for some reason). The flavour was good and the meat inside was soft and tender.

The side of salad was also quite nice, although nothing too spectacular as quite obviously it was only there to support the Guinness pie (and make sure we fulfil part of our vegetable intake requirements).

Whilst Z and I thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Montville Cafe Bar Grill, I do have to admit that the prices they charge are on the expensive side. Although given that Montville is a holiday town, you'd probably have to expect inflated prices.

Recommended: I really enjoyed the pork belly

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