Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vingtage Bar & Grill - Hilton High Tea

Vingtage Bar & Grill - Hilton High Tea
Address: Level 6, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000 (Hilton Hotel)

High tea at the Hilton's came as result of a group of friends wanting to spend a leisurely afternoon in fancy dresses and sipping on tea and coffee whilst venting about our daily grind.

Hilton was nominated as the preferred choice as Stamford Plaza tends to be a bit more crowded (and we really didn't feel like buffet) and a few others such as Yi on Edwards and Keri Craig Emporium were a bit too small to fit a group of 10 who wanted to sit on one table.

Hilton on the otherhand was centrally located on the Queen St Mall strip. The interior beautifully decorated, with lovely high ceiling and well... not that many people so we can talk and laugh with freedom.

The Hilton high tea is generally between 11am - 4pm and given the amount of food that is generally available, my advice has always been to have breakfast early and forego lunch.

There are a few different tiers of high teas available. The cheapest is $35 with vintaged tea and the cost rises with champagne and cocktails (the food remains the same though).

For the food, the top sweets tier is filled with raspberry friand, opera square, praline choux bun, fruit almond log, sticky date and banana loaf.

Everyone's favourite was the opera square as it is filled with chocolate and coffee goodness. I also loved the praline choux bun but would have to say that whilst the other sweets weren't bad, I didn't particularly enjoy the banana loaf.

The second tier is (as you would have typically with any high tea) buttermilk scones with organic strawberry jam, vanilla clotted cream.

The scones were soft and fresh out of the oven and with the jam and cream; it is a delight for your senses.

The bottom tier is filled with the savouries. We had crab and smoked salmon salad sandwiches; goats curd, celery heart, watercress and walnut sandwiches; egg, mayonnaise and celery cress sandwiches and chicken, mustard mayonnaise sandwiches.

I particularly enjoyed the crab and salmon and the chicken mustard sandwiches. The flavour was great. However, the goat curd sandwich was difficult to stomach and most people who I went with left that behind.

All in all, the high tea was decently priced and the food quite enjoyable and it was a great afternoon spent at the Hilton's.

Recommended: The opera square

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