Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swampdog Fish and Chips

Swampdog Fish and Chips
Address: 186 Vulture Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Located towards the Woolloongabba side of Vulture Street, Swampdog Fish and Chips is one place that you will often drive past and see, but not often think of stopping and eat. Well, I am here to let you know that it is definitely one place worth a visit.

The restaurant is remodelled from an old house and has both indoor and outdoor seatings. The outdoors is generally more relaxed but you do get the fumes of passing cars. I generally prefer to sit indoors (despite the cooking smell) as they offer ipads for me to play on and magazines to flip through. But most importantly, I like to sit inside due to its close proximity to the free lemonade that Swampdog offers.

Now this may sound a little el-cheapo, but the Asian in me gets excited over free food and it sings with joy when it's delicious, quality free food!

The homemade lemonade from Swampdog has to be one of the best lemonade I've tried in Brisbane! The flavour is balanced, the sugar level is controlled perfectly to balance out the sourness of the lemon and it is just so so refreshing! Sad as it is, sometimes I go to Swampdog simply because I miss the lemonade.

However, lemonade is not the only thing Swampdog does well.

Their fish and chips are also top notch (probably there amongst some of the better fish and chips places in Brisbane). The fish are fried to perfection, the outside is nice and crunchy and the fish is still moist and juicy inside.

Their spicy fish wrap is also one of my favourites for a light lunch. Unfortunately, the grilled section of the menu tend not be as consistent as the other options on the menu.

I have had the Cajun grilled fish to be excessively salty for most tastebuds. The grilled barramundi with pesto to be somewhat light in taste...

Swampdog will remain as one of my favourite fish and chips place in Brisbane. However, I do wish their grilled menu selections to be more consistent as it will greatly improve my opinion of the restaurant.

Recommended: The free lemonade is a must try

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