Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chili Macs Diner

Chili Macs Diner

Address: 510 Pine St, St Louis MO 63101

This is the Part 2 of my St Louis trip. I have to admit, as it was a work trip and I spent most of the time with my colleagues in US, I wasn't as comfortable as I'd usually be to take out my camera and take snaps of my food and the restaurant. As a result, there is a few more restaurants that probably deserves a mention but ultimately would miss out.

Chili Macs was suggested to me by both my colleagues and the concierge at the hotel as an alternate solution to my morning feed other than sourcing it from the hotel or Starbucks. And I have never been to a true American diner before, I was extremely curious to find out if it is anything like what I see on TV with the black and white checked floor and the red dining seats.

Given that I did not know downturn St Louis well, finding the diner took somewhat longer than I expected (despite maps and directions from the concierge). But once I did, I was feeling somewhat foolish as I managed to walk past the place to work every day and did not notice the big red and white exterior.

And the interior!

It's exactly like what I have seen on TV, with its red dining seats and checked floor (although not black and white I noticed).

All of the foods are reasonably priced. The bacon & egg plate I had was around US$5 and you are filled with toasts, fries, bacon and eggs. I mean where else in a first world country (other than McDonalds) can you get a decent breakfast at this price! At least not in Australia...


In terms of flavour, as I haven't tried that many American diners, I really can't compare. However, the eggs were cooked perfectly (runny yolk in the centre and all) and even the bacon (yes, I have been warned about American bacon - that it can be a bit plastic-like and people tend to deep fry them) was quite tasty too.

The fries was probably my least favourite part of the meal and that's probably because I took too long to get to it and it was a little bit soggy by then.

All in all, I had a great experience at Chili Mac's and can't wait to go back again next time I hit St Louis!

Recommended: whatever tickles your fancy, I really liked the bacon & egg plate

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